A review of Tetraspace

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This comic is a collaboration between Morag Lewis; the creator of Looking For The Sun, and Mary Beaird. The story is about a man named Thomas Lionel Kitchener, who is an antique dealer and your typical middle class gentleman. He is perfect in nearly every way, but he doesn't like animals. One day he dies, and gets reincarnated as a cat. He gets to find out just what being an animal is like… Mary Beaird is responsible for the scripting and story for this comic, and so far its looking pretty interesting. It seems fitting that a person who dislikes animals should become one himself, and be forced to see the world through the point of view of his nemesis. It's a story where the reader could feel ambivalence towards the main character, feeling angry at him for chasing a cat away. But yet feel sad for him when he dies and becomes one himself. It's intriguing and well worth a read.

Art & Design

Morag Lewis, puts a great deal of effort into her comics most of the time, and she as also produced a hell of a lot of them too. The art in this comic generally produced to a good standard, and in an instantly recognisable style all of her own. The characters are fairly well drawn, and I liked the way they express their emotions, they weren't visually over the top as is the case with most manga style comics. They seemed more British; more stiff upper lip. Still expressive though, but eyes and other facial features are not as exaggerated as some manga usually are. I like the shading also, it looks as if a combination of screentone and watercolour has been used in this comic. The animals are also drawn very well too; especially the actions scenes involving the cat, I feel Morag has captured the movement of the animal very well indeed. Most of the background images are good too, although felt there could have been more details on some of the floors in some of the indoor scenes. Rather than just having big white spaces perhaps some brushstrokes or tone to create the impression of carpet pile, or maybe wood flooring might give the scenes a little more detail. All in all though most scenes were very detailed, its just a few epmptyish ones that let that side of the comic down somewhat.


Review by ukmangaxl.com