A review of Revolution Baby Volume 1

No longer available for consumption


Revolution Baby!

I've heard much of this comics reputation but not actually experienced it until recently. This volume is a compilation of the first five Revolution baby single issue comics.

The anime fans have taken over the UK and things are looking bleaker than ever; "All citizens shall exhibit behaviour similar to characters in manga and anime at all times" which is a recipe for disaster. People get nose jobs so they look like anime characters, men have no thingy; and cat girls and rabid fanpersons abound, not to mention hints of the housecleaning hamster!

The fuzz are likely to be pulling you in a mecha costume rather than a squad car, some even have peddle tanks for crying out loud; since the government spent up on a big gun. But they need this stuff since rioting is common and the participants are armed with machineguns and bazookas rather than the old fashioned bricks or Molotov cocktails. There are certainly plenty of coupd'etat and counterrevolutions going on as well. You'd never imagine cartoons could afflict people so badly.

This brave new world looks like pure anarchy.But then it's supposed to. This comic is very funny, and sarcastic, and takes the piss out of the UK anime/manga community at every possible opportunity, exploring every possible cliché and stereotype as it goes.

It does this in a pretty similar way that Red Dwarf ridicules Star Trek, and it allows us to look at the lighter side of life. This comic is pure comedy dynamite.I may even have missed some of the humour as I have yet to see some of the anime which is undoubtedly inspired some of the gags here. It's just ace.

Art & Design

I expected the art be good from pic's I've seen before but it was better than I expected.

I've even read a review of this comic which said that the artwork was amateur; I don't know what the hell they were reading but it certainly wasn't this!

I can tell people that the artwork is up there with the best of them. For one it's distinctly manga but also distinctly Subi. The style is unique a trait of all Sweatdrop members, no one artist is ever the same and they try to be as different as possible from other pro or amateur manga artists.

The art is of a high quality in every respect, anatomy is spot on most of the time, despite fellas lacking certain parts, although that's part of the cliché, and to prevent this comic from becoming hentai, and not a lack of ability let me assure you.

Some things such as hands are deliberately simplified in the distance, but always full detail in close ups. Backgrounds are usually good, although simplified in some areas and more detailed when required to be. Toning is good, background management is also good. Action scenes are plenty with good character poses, and speed effect lines.

The frame layouts are also very effective and help the reader gain some order from the chaos going on in each frame.

Overall the comic is very funny, full of fan service and satire. It's also well presented, the story flows well and the art as good as any you will find in Sweatdrop. Subi is the most productive bloke by far in the Sweatdrop team. It's bloody good I'll tell you.


Review by ukmangaxl.com