A review of Looking For The Sun Volume 2

Available as a 4 volume set from Sweatdrop Studios online shop.

Available to read for free at toothycat.net.


This volume of Looking For The Sun is a compilation of issues eight through fourteen.

Back once again on the trail of the sun; travelling from world to world and things seem to be getting more difficult for the pair, soon to be trio as they move from place to place.

Not all worlds are hostile as some have pleasant inhabitants, although these are usually desolate places. Some worlds are very militaristic and seem to be riddled with mage phobia as before, others ravaged mans' technology or evil mages.

We at least get to find out about that phase shift thing Kite was on about, and that explains how some things are the way they are. Saryth is proving to be quite impetuous and quite often does dangerous things without thinking them through, and this quit often gets our pair into trouble.

Things get angsty indeed later on in this volume, which is a first for this title. Some filthy scum decides to do something truly grotesque and then gets killed by Saryth, things get even more ugly.

Will our pair manage to escape in one piece and move on to the next world?

Art & Design

The artwork on the whole is on a par with the quality of the first volume with no big improvements, although certainly no regression either. No screen tone is ever used in this book as with the first, everything is drawn in ink and textured in ink. Characters are drawn in a unique and pleasant looking style and their anatomy is generally pretty good, although not perfect.

Backgrounds are usually very detailed and don't tend to make the pages too busy. A wide range of environments are brought to life rather well indeed as with the first volume.

Panel layouts tend to be much simpler in this comic than in some I've read, usually the story is told in standard square or rectangular frames with deviation from this pattern coming in when key events are unfolding in the story. This helps keep things neat and tidy whilst emphasising the main events.

Overall the story has more interesting twists, and a learn a few things that we didn't know about before. The story is moving on nicely and is staying interesting. The artwork hasn't really progressed from before, although that's a good thing since it's just as good as before.


Review by ukmangaxl.com