A review Shenzhou, a fanbook inspired by Star Trek Discovery.

A link to the official site of the Shenzhou fanbook project and the completed Kickstarter page.

By En Gingerboom

Shenzhou is a Fanbook by En Gingerboom inspired by Star Trek discovery and is quite speculative in nature as it hopes to answer the question of what would discovery by like had it come out after TOS in the 1970s.

The book begins with a simple foreword and moves on to some good old fashioned universe building, with descriptions and visuals of the species of this divergent universe, various ships and the uniforms. The rest of this book consists of a number of short stories based on this alternate timeline that is Shenzhou, and a longer piece about the primary and mirror universe.

Throughout this fanbook is filled to the brim with top quality illustrations and the book itself is of very high quality. It can only be described as a lavish reconstruction of the Star Trek universe, with imaginative anthropomorphic interpretations of the races of Star Trek, well thought out and implemented. Enjoyable to look at and read.



Review by ukmangaxl.com