Chitose no Kamikakushi, The Aki Sisters' Grand Autumn Plan and Touhou Jyoufuden

By Emerald/Garnet Sekai

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Chitose no Kamikakushi, The Aki Sisters' Grand Autumn Plan and Touhou Jyoufuden by 'Emerald/Garnet Sekai' depending on which site you read it is a two part story, certainly Gappy, possibly self insert, but done brilliantly, this is a master class in how to do a bad trope good. With the self insert offering her car keys for sacrifice and offering good service to Gensokyo, and unlike most such characters is Chitose the exact opposite of a whiny asshole. I read this at the end of 2017 and I thought it was excellent.

A major reason why this fic works is because it's not like some ugly self pity party by some really lonely teenager, it's a tale of how a sane human being might integrate with a community of monsters in a constructive fashion mostly using her own skills; beautiful. There's the usual shoujo-ai snuggling and stuff as well.

There's an original character which which is also pretty decent that being Sakan, a young Tsukogami Chitose adopts, but just the way Chitose goes about her business and interacts with the others in Gensokyo generally in a positive way and it is enjoyable to read.

With her interest in shrines and her building and engineering skills she's a compelling character, a good fit for Gensokyo; finally Yukari spirits away someone worth having.

This is literally one of the best Touhou fanfics. Seriously it's probably only one of three I've read more than once, from any fandom. It's just a really nice story. I've read good stuff, bad stuff, dark stuff, I'm not fussy, but I know what good looks like and this is it.

If you read this the story is in the order of Chitose no Kamikakushi first, then Grand Autumn Plan, then Jyoufuden.

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