Teeth and Claws

By UnmovingGreatLibrary

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There's Touhou fan fiction and then there's work like this, I remember this particular fic Teeth and Claws to be one of the best I'd read, and it certainly starts with a bang, straight into the action. A lot of fics build up tp something over time and this one drops you straight in the deep end with a life changing scenario and some quick life or death decisions to be made. The rest of the story is all about living with the consequences of this scenario.

I enjoyed the scenario, the ethical dilemmas and the general character interactions between Hakurei and Yakumo throughout, UnmovingGreatLibrary is an excellent writer and this is one such example of a well written and thought out scenario one of many she's produced but I this was one of the first really gripping fanfics from the Touhou franchise I'd read.

While the beginning of the story was riveting, the middle petered out somewhat before the story picked up again just after half way I found the ending to be most satisfying however. Overall an excellent story well worth reading.

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