A World Without You

By Pikablukachu

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A world without you by Pikablukachu - A gripping tale of Yukari loosing Reimu Hakurei, if this isn't enough of a clue there's some shoujo-ai going on. A ploy by others and some mistakes by Yukari lead to Reimu seemingly being removed from existence.

Yukari struggles to come to terms and almost looses her mind. A tale of how nobody is untouchable and even Yukari can demonstrate an amazing amount of humanity when put under enough pressure. One of the things I enjoyed most about this fic was the character development especially early on before the build up to the darkness in the middle of the fic and the fanfare worthy reveal before the end.

Now Touhou is full off all kinds of Earth shattering, reality warping monsters, and it takes a pretty mean ass one to rock Yukari's boat. The other thing I remember enjoying about this fic is Marisa's character in this, as for once she wasn't just a noisy sidekick. Overall very enjoyable.

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