A review of Dragon Heir issues 1 - 5

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The dragon heirs, four people who possess the divided soul of the last dragon to have lived. They appear to be just 4 ordinary human beings. Their only distinguishing feature, the markings on their foreheads, known as spirit signs.

In this land all the people in have some sort of sign on their heads, and this dictates their lives. It's a very structured society in the war torn land of Forn. The dragon heirs however have a different destiny altogether.

In this issue we get to meet a few of these dragon heirs, and some of the other major characters in this story. In the beginning it's just Protus, a dragon heir who is about to begin his quest to find the others and fulfil and ancient prophecy with them. He leaves the monks who have been training him and heads of to fulfil his destiny.

Meanwhile in a village called Alphrede, we our introduced to our heroine Ella, who is being told off by her brother for dabbling in things not befitting that of a "worker spirit", just one of the few classes of people in this land or Forn.

The society in Forn as I have mentioned is quite strict, and rigid. People have to fulfil whatever their spirit sign denotes they should. Deviation is often fatal.

The second dragon heir Furose, appears later in issue. Unlike Protus he's quite the angsty bishie, not pleasant like Protus, quite the thug indeed.

Will Protus be able to tame the thuggish ruggish Furose and be able to find the other heirs and complete the prophecy?

Art & Design

In general the art is very good indeed, anatomy is in most cases very good. The only thing which stands out as needing improvement is the perspective on characters faces at certain angles, such as when looking down, or from above. Although in later issues this problem almost disappears

The characters themselves are varied and interesting; they also have a good range of expressions, from the angry Furose, to the calm Protus.

Style wise Emma's characters are quite unique in that there is little difference between the heights of male and female characters, all appear to be tall and long in the leg, which is a pleasant change.

Line art is ok; its neat, its quite detailed in most places, although it is quite monotonous and all of one thickness, I felt more use of different thicknesses could add more depth in places, and make characters or important objects stand out more. In later issues the lineart becomes much more varied and interesting in future issues, and improves in overall quality.

Also some areas such as fight scenes more speed lines to define hard sudden movement, would give the scenes more sense of movement and action. But on the whole background management is sound. Toning is well balanced and compensates for any monotonous line art.

The design of the comic is good too, there is a varied and interesting panel layout which flows, and well placed speech bubbles ensure a smooth progression from event to event.

The land of Forn has plenty of attention to detail too. This comic has a fantasy knights and dragons type setting, and world has had plenty of though put into it. It's not just your average knights in armour story. Details such as the garb of the characters, and the ways of their land have been though about and executed well. Their society too, and how it all relates to the plot.

On the whole I like this comic; it's a good series. There are interesting characters, pretty boys and girls to appeal to everyone.


Review by ukmangaxl.com