Mitarai ke Enjou Suru … The Mitarai’s house is on fire

Creator : FUJISAWA Moyashi

Publisher: Kodansha


Here is an excellent manga that I got into recently; The Mitarai’s house is on fire.

Actually what attracted my initially was the cover, not the story which is one of a daughters’ loyalty to her mother and desire for justice and the lengths that loyalty will stretch and how far the protagonist will go to get to the justice she seeks. But I wonder will she really like what she finds in the end?

Who knows. So far the story got me hooked and new and interesting things are always lurking around the corner perhaps even dangerous things…

The creator is quite clever and the next danger for our protagonist is never far way as she tries to get closer to the truth of that fateful day.

As you can imagine Anzu is an intelligent and hard working young woman who’s mother is in hospital suffering from mental illness and she and her sister live together, in many ways this story is quite Cinderella esque, except Anzu is much sneakier and much less passive then Cinderella.

Like most young Japanese women she also has to navigate through the usual first world problems that get in the way of her achieving justice you know like creepy guys and other plot holes.

As a manga it’s not that exceptional to look at but it is a good read and the plot delivers some decent suspense. Well worth a look.

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