A review of Apricot Cookies

Creator: Louis Lloyd-Judson

Read online: Apricot Cookies Website, Tapas, Web Toon

This comic was something of a random discovery while I was browsing Tapas, I sort of liked the look of it at first glance and there’s quite a bit more to it than what I thought.

It is a substantial publication, indeed I’ve not even read all of it yet but even so I just wanted to review it because it’s an excellent piece of work which I have enjoyed for a number of reasons, mainly that it appeals to my sense of humour, it’s full of references and the artwork is pretty decent.

So what is it?

At first glance it’s a magical girl manga style comic, what it is in reality is a deconstruction and parody of the magical girl genre, which it achieves in style as it playfully rips the various tropes of the genre apart, one wand, one glittering pony, one pretty ribbon at a time whilst telling jokes that would make Jocko from Shaman King green with envy. While it does this you’ll find an injection of references from other manga and perhaps even other parodies and TV shows and films.

The overall quality of the work is very high with every page illustrated in full colour. It has been so far a joy to behold and if you enjoy parodies and deconstructions of various manga/anime related tropes then this will be right up your alley.


Review by ukmangaxl.com