A review of Am I Here?


A cold blooded killer is on the loose. Set in the future this mindless killer wields a sword, an ancient weapon that these modern police have no idea how to combat. So it's up to one man; a former sword wielding murder to stop him.

This story is all about self confidence and making your way in the world despite any setbacks; e.g. being a murderer for one. It's about learning to accept yourself as much as getting people to accept you.


The story is easy to follow in words, the dialogue is pretty well thought out and makes sense, at times though it's the only way to make sense of some parts of this story which is a criticism will get to later on. Some of the character development is quite good, some humorous moments too thanks to our protagonists female friend and her uncouth mother. Read it and you'll see what I mean.

There are some things you wonder though. Do people loose their survival instincts in the future?

Would you let a murderer near you?

Art & Design

Bex's art style has changed little in her comicking career. It has however become more refined. Line work is still often sketchy at times but anatomy and character poses are on the whole very good. Movement looks alive, something which the fight scenes benefit greatly from.

Panels and layouts are also generally good, towards the end as mentioned earlier in the review things become confusing. All that was missing that would have cleared up any confusion is some sort of effect that made that criclass="post"tical panel stand out more. Sometimes you have to concentrate really hard not to miss anything. Fortunately most of the story makes sense, the ending is probably one of the most important parts though and it needs to be clear cut.

The placement and use of tone though was reasonably good. However in print something must have gone wrong as there is a lot of severely moired tones. This may have been a result of shrinking the original artwork for print.


Bex is a young artist and gaining experience all the time. Her written story would have been quite good as she seems to have a knack for scripting. Her artwork is getting much better as can be seen from this effort although there is still much to be done. Her style is always unique and with refinement will stand out even more with attention to cleaner lines as well as choosing tones with print production in mind.


Review by ukmangaxl.com

Review by ukmangaxl.com