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 November 5th 2012 


This was the last version of the website to use tables as it's primary structure.

This version only made minor cosmetic tweaks over the last one, and many of the links in the side bars were removed as organisations and communities dissappeared or went from having their own websites to using facebook and the like instead. You'll notice the cycling picture adverts also which I added in 2009.

This would also signal an era of great inactivity on my part.

 October 20th 2008 

Murphy's Law by Faye Yong

murphys law (pre production mock up)

*DISCLAIMER* This is a pre-production mock up, actual print run may differ from this image.

Mary longs for the one-true-love story that will redefine her life. When two guys enter her world, she realises just how complicated love could be.

Can she ever get past her stereotypical ideas about love and relationships? Or will it all lead her further away from finding her Prince Charming?

Murphy's Law is Fae Yong's first comic first began in november 2006 and now it's developed into her first graphic novel weighing in at 135 pages and will be available first from the Sweatdrop Stand at London MCM Expo on October 25th.

 October 20th 2008 

Rainbow Carousel by Chloe Citrine

Rainbow Carousel (pre production mock up)

*DISCLAIMER* This is a pre-production mock up, actual print run may differ from this image.

Rainbow carousel is the first comic project of artist Chloe Citrine. This project began some two years ago before the artist became a member of Sweatdrop studios. Early chapters are available to read on Drunk Duck, the complete graphic novel available from Sweatdrop Studios starting from 25th of October at the London MCM Expo.

In the words of the artist herself: It revolves around the changing life and personality of a boy named Bubblegum who has recently moved to a new town following his parent's stormy divorce. He's finding it hard to fit in and other stresses such as the school tough-guy taking a dislike to him and being in a restrictive long distance relationship are hardly helping matters much. When he by chance encounters a mysterious stranger who introduces him to the Rainbow Carousel, he discovers that rather than blaming the world around him, changing his own approach to life will make things that much better for himself and the people around him...

If you like drama and romance... and more drama then this'll be for you.

The book is 220 pages long and contains extra bonus comics and fan art by fans of the story.

 Sept 30th 2008 


Once upon a time (pre production mock up)

*DISCLAIMER* This is a pre-production mock up, actual print run may differ from this image.

The Once Upon A Time graphic novel by Sonia Leong is the most recent release announcement from Sweatdrop Studios. Due to be released in October this year and will be available initially from this years London MCM Expo at the Sweatdrop stand, after the MCM expo this title will be available from the Sweatdrop Studios Shop.

Once Upon A Time has been in progress since 2004, so far the first three issues have been available from Sweatdrop Studios in the smaller A5 28 page comic format. A review of all three of these original issues is available here on the UKmangaXL website in the reviews section. Discussion regarding this title may be found on the Sweatdrop Studios forums.

The stories in each issue stand alone by themselves as one shots but feature a set cast of characters; each issue usually focuses on a scenario with one character with others from the OUAT universe seen in previous issues as supporting characters.

In this way the OUAT graphic novel stands alone as a complete work, though there are plans in the future to perhaps produce other stand alone graphic novels detailing the futures of the characters seen in the OUAT universe.

The Once Upon A Time Graphic novel wieghs in at 160 pages and contains five chapters, two of which have not been released in single issue format so are recent works. The first three issues have been re-drawn, old material remade to new standards.

Since OUAT had begun Sonia had embarked on her career as a pro comic artist so has therefore redrawn original chapters so the quality is up to her current standards in both artwork and scripting.

The OUAT graphic novel also has the distinction of being the first graphic novel from Sweatdrop Studios to be considered for lithographic (plate based) printing presses so can be considered a benchmark work for Sweatdrop Studios as well as a personal one regarding her own personal projects.