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November 5th 2012 


This version of the website was created in 2008 and still served until November 2012. It was basically a slightly more refined version of the previous website. The Vbulletin forums were replaced with a PHPBB version with numerous anti-spam modifications. Further small refinements were made later.

 August 24th 2006 

IMAF Press Release

In partnership with its headline sponsor, CineAqua, the company behind Paris’ new animation and aquarium experience, the International Manga and Anime Festival is back for the third year and will take place from Friday 10th – Tuesday 14th November 2006, at the magnificent County Hall, Westminster, London.

Along with its headline sponsor, CineAqua, the festival will play host to the world renowned IMAF 2006 Manga and Anime Design Competition and Awards and with an overall prize fund worth $85,000, $75,000 of which being cash prizes. An extremely high number of entries from professional illustrators, promo directors and animators, as well as committed amateurs are expected.

Judging panel member, Andrew Prentice, Director of Trocadero Studio, says, "With Paris' newest and interactive attraction as our main sponsor, our intention is to build on the successes of IMAF 2004 and 2005, by making the Manga and Anime competitions and festival a must for both industry professionals and committed amateurs – and also anyone who has an interest in Japanese culture... we are using a larger area this year that will house a more interactive festival, with event old favourites and new ventures". He adds, "We wanted to try something different, so have new and exciting categories for this year, including a Festival Ident category".

Details of the high profile speakers, premiers and trade/retail exhibitors organised for the festival will be announced over the next few months.

IMAF 2006 will take place at the magnificent County Hall, Westminster, London and open with the IMAF 2006 Manga and Anime Design Competition and Awards ceremony on Friday 10th November 2006.

 August 23th 2006 

Twenty to county; this boys' done!

I have spent the last 4 days or so altering the UK MANGA XL site. The general layout is similar; however there are new headers and footers; a slight adjustment to the colour scheme; the nav bar on the left. I have also made some adjustments to titles and such near icons so they stand out more, and there is now a proper background in both the main site and forums. But most importantly of all i have simplified the reviews section. There are now text only indexes, except for the new top ten index which has accompanying icons. Enjoy the new look site everyone!


sd Stardust
Another antholgoy from Sweatdrop.
By Various Artists
lfts Looking for the Sun Volume 1
World-hopping, looking for the sun!   
By Morag Lewis
rb Revolution Baby Volume 1
Revolting students and panty shots  
By Sam Brown
eehr Elephant elephant hippo rhino
The animals are bored at the zoo!    
By Mary Beaird
ouat Once Upon A Time 1 - 3
The lives of Briony and friends..      
By Sonia Leong


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