Ten Japanese manga artists I like

Rumiko Takahashi – Obviously – Creator of some memorable and much loved series, e.g Lum, Ranma, Inuyasha and Maison Ikkoku which is one of my favourites. One of the first manga artists I was exposed to and who’s series’ I began following some 20 years ago.

CLAMP – Technically a circle but they made Chobits, Card Captor Sakura, Xxaholic, Tsubasa Chronicles, Angelic Layer and other classics.

Sasuga Kei – Creator of Good Ending and Domestic no Kanojo and the recipient of some pathetic behaviour by western fans on Twitter. She makes long winded but well thought out slice of life romance generally. Her works do challenge perceived norms and paradigms in society, which no doubt bugs some people but hey ho.

Sana Kirioka – I really love her mix of historical settings and cute artwork. Her Showa Maiden Fairytale is getting it’s own anime in 2021. Which is cool to see as I loved this manga.

Kaoru Mori – The queen of period drama, gorgeous artwork, top class research, creator of some of the best manga I’ve ever read, literally anything this person makes has been excellent even shorter stories like Shirley.

Miyabi Akino – Creator of Nadeshiko Doremisora and Coffee Wo Shizuka, I quite like both of these but particularly Nadeshiko Doremisora which is basically a tale of high school girl is inspired take up the shamisen and form a group with other students who are also into traditional Japanese music.

Shimura Takako – Creator of Aoi Hanna and several others over the last 10 years or so, nice stories and artwork.

Takei Hiroyuki – Creator of Shaman King certainly one of my favourites from the 2000s. Lets just say it’s not necessarily aged well. But it’s still a superb piece of work.

Kira Takashi – Creator of Sekitou Elergy and Haipoji High Position – I enjoyed this persons unique perspective and realistic depictions of life. Sekitou Elergy in particular was stuck in my mind for a while, and is certainly a favourite of mine.

SHIRAHAMA Kamome – A more recent artist that sprang to mind. Creator of Witch Hat Atelier, which is basically a story with magic school type theme but gorgeously illustrated.

Of course as I said this list isn't exhaustive, but whom I could think off at the time, but these are artists that stood out to me as generally excellent and tend to produce works of quality rather than tawdry and uninspiring moe high school nonsense.

Article by ukmangaxl.com