About Ukmangaxl

UK MANGA XL, was a website born out of a lack of love and appreciation for homegrown manga comics in the UK back in the early months of 2006. There was a general lack of appreciation not only from ordinary people but also so called manga fans themselves.

These days this is website dedicated to the review of original comics created by groups and individuals from the UK in print or on the internet regardless of the influences and style you can be sure to find honest, fair, and hopefully constructive critique.

There are sites on the Internet already that review other small press and indie comics and there always have been. In the past many such organisations avoided or even mocked manga style and so ukmangaxl was created to address this imbalance.

Ukmangaxl grew to do also offer table sharing at comic related events, and at London MCM expo in particular up until 2010. Due to the distance and cost involved I probably wont be doing anything like that again.

These days the site stands to offer reviews of more media than manga inspired comics. The original idea remains at the core of Ukmangaxl to celebrate, review and critique whatever forms of creativity I see fit.

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