Sweatdrop Studios

Founded: 2001
Current Members: 8
Titles Produced: Many
Website: Sweatdrop Studios Website

Background Information

Sweatdrop Studios was founded back in 2001 by a small group of independent small pressers who until thin published thier own work and sold them at conventions.

Originaly it was just Dock, Laura Watton, Sam Brown, Aka Subi; and Foxy, but soon they were joined by fellow manga UK manga artists; Emma Vieceli and Selina Dean as well as several others who are no longer members of Sweatdrop. Many more follow over the next few years until the circle grows to around 20 members.

In 2004 when i first stumbled upon thier forums on their website; they were only half thier current size in terms of titles. In the two years i have known about them thier growth has been very great indeed. The forums have doubled in membership, the number of titles available have doubled and their involvement in the Manga scene has increased a great deal.

Recently Sweatdrop has moved from being an ameuter organisation into a professional one and actively advertise their services which includes art commisions, and educational services such as seminars and panels at events or schools for example.

Other Facts

Sweatdrop Studios attends a great many Manga/Anime related events throughout the British Isles from small hotel based conventions to massive events like the London MCM Expo; which is held twice a year. They also attend other more specialist events like IMAF.

They hold the distinction of being the largest and most active of the small number of entities producing homegrown manga in the UK.

They are the first homegrown manga group producing it's titles in big perfect bound volumes.

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