Stir Fried Planet

Current Members: 1
Titles Produced: One
Website: Stirfried Pla.net

Background Information

Stir Fried Pla.net consists of Mathew J Pallett, born April 6th 1976 at approximately 7:45PM.

Studied Illustration at Swindon College Between 1996 & 1998.

Went to Shinnenkai at the Radison Ewardian in '97 & '98. Addam Warren & Ben Dunn were booked, but failed to show, the reason given was that they forgot to renew their passports.

Started working with writer Iain Grant in 1998, the 'Zine Xenocrayon was produced in the summer of 2000, with the covers of issues 1 & 2 & the Strip 'A New Dope' (it was supposed to be based on Star Wars, but the influence of Cowboy Bebop could be seen).

After a few false starts with other third parties, he decided to self publish his work, along with a remastered version of 'A New Dope' along with 'The Kawakiri' & 'The Phantom Syndrome' in the uniquely titled "Stir Fried Product". He is currently working on the second issue, having been assigned an ISSN by the British Library.

Mathew J Pallet also attended the London MCM Expo where he was on the UK MANGA XL table.

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