The Makenai Team

Founded: 2001
Current Members: 2
Titles Produced: 1 Angel League (comic) also one anime in production.
Website: Makenai Website

Background Information

Makenai Team was formed in 2001 when independent artists Scott Ewart and Helen Smith teamed up together, launching their website in July 2002. Their main focus is their animated project, which is currently in production. In August 2004 they produced a home-printed issue 1 of stand-alone series 'Angel League' through Moon Wolf Projects.

In early 2005, Makenai Team returned to being self-supported by professionally re-printing issue 1 and have chosen to remain independent since then, though enjoy working on projects with other UK manga groups. Issues 2 and 3 of Angel League followed in 2005/6, and the series is due to convert into graphic novel format as of Autumn 2007.

Scott and Hel mainly focus all of their attention on 'Angel League' and as such do not produce any other comic titles, however they are open to private commissions, both art-based and animation-based and have had artwork published in various books. Hel is currently the main artist of popular UK convention Amecon and both have done some promotional and official artwork as well as provided home-grown animation for other UK conventions.

Other Facts

Makenai Team attend as many main UK events as possible though, like many others in the UK manga scene, events and productivity in general have to be worked around full-time jobs and other commitments.

Makenai Team formed part of UKMangaXL's Independent Creators table at London Expo in October 2006.

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