A review Illusional Beauty 1 - 2

First Published: 2005 - Onwards
Format: A4, Staple bound.
Number of pages: 18 - 30 pages per issue.
Age Rating: U
Price: £2 per issue Availability: Purchase at the Sweatdrop Studios website.


This series is about a traveller who is touring the length and breadth of the land playing his music. On his travels he came upon a strange kingdom where all the inhabitants are miserable and oblivious their beautiful surroundings. The traveller strikes up and plays a little tune to the bemused people. But his efforts fall on deaf ears and he ends up behind bars, you see music is banned from this kingdom. But even from the bars of his cell, there are still beautiful things to behold...

Although this first chapter of Illusional Beauty is only 18 pages long, the story so far is interesting. Things happen and questions arise. What will become of our bard, and of course will the people of the kingdom of Remini, ever get to understand the beauty of music?

Art & Design

Bex is one of the youngest members of the Sweatdrop team. As an artist her skills are still very much in development, as is her drawing style. The anatomy of characters is ok, although most areas could be improved upon. Facial features, mainly ear and eye levels stand out most, hands also need some work. However Bex has a good grasp of hair, and characters have a nice variety of hair from short and spiky to long and flowing.

The main problem art-wise though is that it looks sketchy, the characters for the most part are boldly drawn and stand out nicely, the backgrounds are not as consistent. The backgrounds are sometimes very detailed and nice to look at, and at other times things seem to have been sketched in rough and then forgotten about. The line art however is not all bad, and Bex has used a good variety of lines in most areas, the lines are generally not monotonous and add depth to the artwork overall.

The design aspect though is pretty decent though, the story reads well enough and is easy to follow, and every frame is purposeful and well placed, as is the dialogue. There is also some careful consideration gone into the design of this fantasy world. There are some excellent costumes, and if nothing else Bex has captured this medieval world quite well.

In conclusion this is a nice little comic. It's got its flaws, but then so do most. But it's cute and imaginative. It's got a real fairytale feel to it.



Review by Wayne Hallows

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