Advertising on UK MANGA XL

At UKmangaXL we help artists in their mission to become noticed by advertising on our website for free. Picture adverts are displayed on the main pages of the website.

This service helps you (the artist) by creating awareness of your products amongst this websites vistors. These adverts contain information such as the creators name, the publisher and a link back to the web page where the product may be purchased.

If this service is of value then please get in touch with us using one of the email addresses below. You are advised to provide the following:

An image of the cover of your comic/s. This image must be 150 x 215 pixels

A link to the shop webpage of your site for the product you specifically wish to advertise. If you cannot provide links to an online shop then you should send a link to a page which tells people how to buy your products, if not that then UKmangaXL can produce a page with such information for you as long as you the artist supplies the details. Webcomics should point to the URL their comics are hosted at.

You should also supply your name and the name of the publisher, if these are both yourself then the name of your label will suffice.

We will not advertise work prior to a titles release unless we can trust it will be completed eventually.

At UKmangaXL only adverts to do with comics are shown. Nothing else. You can rest assured that all adverts here are from people like yourself with the objective of being recognised for their hard work. We will only publish ads to do with comics. No spam will be accepted ever, and best of all it's free.

We look forward to hearing from you. ^_^

Please contact me on one of the following addresses.


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